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We sell only original posters.
We guarantee the authenticity of the works as they are described.
We will include a certificate of authenticity upon request.


We accept payment by cheque in euros, by wire or bank transfer, or credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard).
We guarantee the confidentiality of all transactions.
We require payment in full before shipment. Upon receipt of payment, the poster will be dispatched with all haste.


All shipping fees are to be charged to the buyer.
Posters are shipped in a strong tube.
Packaging and insurance will be at our expense.
An estimate is drawn up for each order.


Following common practice, the posters are described according to the following criteria:
Condition A:
Very Good Condition. Fresh colours. Are admitted: faded or shop-soiled margins, folds or slight tears, small restorations not modifying the initial aspect of the poster.
Condition B:
Good condition. Imperfect margins, folds, rips, cuts with small missing parts having occasioned restorations, without modifying the general aspect of the poster.
Condition C:
Passable condition. More important imperfections requiring extensive restorations which modify the general aspect of the poster. The signs + and – are inserted for greater precision.

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